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    LURE IT will show you all the capabilities of information technologies

    We are a reliable partner, always striving to help develop your business as our success is directly connected to yours!

    Developers' average workload 75%
    Pleased customers 85%
    days to
    launch the project
    decrease of
    routine tasks
    expenses decreasing
    Infrastructure and digitalization
    The right approach in designing the IT infrastructure is a guarantee for successful integration of IT systems and automation of business processes
    • Custom web and mobile software development
    • Selection and delivery of the server and network equipment, licensed software
    • Network and server infrastructure automation
    • Implementation of enterprise resource planning and product lifecycle management systems (ERP/PLM)
    • Development, support, and optimization of multimodel databases
    • Further development of a VDI-based virtual office concept
    • Centralized maintenance and support of workstations
    • Implementation of storage and backup systems
    • Business processes automation, implementation of DMS, EDM, CRM, BPM, ACM, and tools for collaborative work
    • Implementation of corporate communication tools (email, messenger, fax, video conferencing)
    • Design of private corporate cloud systems
    • Providing with *aaS services based on own-hosted and partners clouds
    • Building of corporate geo-distributed networks and systems
    • Implementation and modernization of corporate accounting (SAP/1C)
    • Virtualization and project integration of IT systems
    Our team offers services in deployment of high-speed geo-distributed circuits and networks using the innovative communication tools
    • L1/L2/L3 communication
    • Organization of channels summation and reservation systems through 3G/LTE/VSAT
    • Implementation of DDoS attacks defense systems
    • Delivering of BGP-connectivity (IP-Transit)
    • Receiving and rent of IP addresses (PA/PI), AS, LIR
    • Designing and building of FOCL, SCS
    • Building of seamless Wi-Fi networks and wireless systems
    • CWDM/DWDM/SDH systems and networks design
    • Further development of software-defined networks (SDN/SD-WAN)
    • Development of IoT-based multi-purpose solutions
    • End-to-end composition of network control and management center
    • Network infrastructure automation
    • Integration of balancing and traffic management systems
    • Call centers modernization, implementation of VoIP/IVR
    • Remote work solutions (video conferencing, VPN)
    Consulting and outsourcing
    We'll estimate your current IT environment, conduct a thorough audit in your primary sphere and choose appropriate specialists for your project
    • Development of organization’s IT-strategy
    • Implementation of ITIL standards, development of ITSM concept
    • User technical support, maintenance of IT systems 24/7/365
    • Software customization and education of users
    • Complex IT audit conduction of systems and processes
    • Outstaffing of all IT department levels (from engineers to CIO)
    • Complex tech support services for small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses
    • Monitoring of computing equipment and communications systems 24/7/365
    • Recruitment for IT department
    • Business analysis of the enterprise’s activity
    • Development and justification of IT budget
    • Preparation of technical and administrative documentation related to the IT sphere
    • Startups acceleration and infrastructure provision
    • Support of employees and engineering personnel in preparation for a vendor and voluntary certification
    • We make the procurement procedures clearer and automate them
    Information and data security
    We've got the most experienced and proactive specialists in cyber security and offer a full spectrum of data protection services
    • Full audit of data security base
    • Development of internal regulatory documentation (including 152-FZ and 187-FZ requirements)
    • Full support while preparing for ISO/IEC 27001 certification
    • Implementation of custom devices control system (DLP/MDM)
    • The architecture of encrypted channels based on IPSec/MACsec and similar standards
    • Implementation of monitoring and event correlation systems (SIEM)
    • Implementation of control systems for access and multifactor authentication (IDM/2FA)
    • Automated control of all information security events
    • Architecture and certification of IT systems according to FSTEC RF orders No. 17 and 21
    • Organization of cloud systems for enclosed information exchange (VDR)
    • Implementation of security systems for the network infrastructure and connection control
    • Full support while preparing for PCI/DSS certification, control of conformance with the standard STO BR IBBS-1.0
    • Implementation of anti-malware security systems and e-mail filtering systems
    • Implementation of proactive control systems for vulnerabilities and audit
    • Implementation of databases security systems (DBF/DAM)
    Data centers and Engineering
    We'll take care of the data center end-to-end architecture and building. We offer the whole set of services from the engineering works and to full infrastructure support sticking to all higher levels of SLA
    • End-to-end building of server rooms and data centers
    • Implementation of access management and control systems
    • The architecture of automated CCTV systems
    • We offer equipment placement services (unit/rack/cage/hall) in international data centers
    • The architecture of automatic fire alarm and automatic firefighting systems
    • Implementation of climate and conditioning control systems
    • Engineering systems design
    • Tech maintenance and in-service inspection
    • Development of operational decisions based on modular data centers
    • R&D projects realization in terms of hardware and software systems development for various tasks
    • Building and construction works, maintenance
    • Implementation of the automated monitoring system
    • Organization of server equipment relocation
    • Equipment assembling and starting-up
    • The architecture of electric power and no-brake systems (CB/UPS/diesel-rotary UPS/DDG)